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John Oliver Mocks Trump's Awkward Meeting With German Chancellor

President Donald Trump met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel last Friday, and there was one particularly awkward moment when Trump refused to shake Merkel's hand. In the video, reporters can be heard asking the two to shake hands. Then the German Chancellor leaned over and asked if Trump wanted to shake hands. Through all of this, Trump just stared forward, seemingly ignoring everyone. Since then, Trump's people have said that he didn't hear Chancellor Merkel but John Oliver wasn't buying it. On Last Week Tonight, Oliver said, "It is not often you can genuinely say, 'Trump should've touched that woman.'" Oliver went on to graphically describe Trump's behavior, saying, "He's treating the Chancellor of Germany like a drunk guy masterbating in a subway car." As if refusing to shake the German Chancellor's hand wasn't awkward enough, Trump joked about allegations that the United States monitored Merkel's phone, just like Obama allegedly wiretapped Trump's phones. Trump said, "At least

Source: Yahoo

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